Translators' Corner

Serving its role in disseminating literature and thought from Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries within the USA, the Observatorio welcomes versions in English produced by experienced or emerging translators, of short works originally written in Spanish, from various genres, periods and geographical origins, to be published on-line in this Translators’ corner. The translations are accompanied by a brief introduction providing context on the original text and author. The Publishing Guidelines can be consulted here.

010 Waiting for the Revolution: Cuba, the Unfinished Journey (excerpt)
Original author: Gustavo Gac-Artigas
Translator: Andrea G. Labinger
Genre: Otros / Other
009 Rincón de Traductores / Translators' Corner - Volume 1: Compilation 2019-2020
Original author: Various authors
Translator: Various translators
Genre: Otros / Other
008 "On the Road to Houmt Souk"
Original author: Soledad Puértolas
Translator: Francisca González Arias
Genre: Narrativa / Narrative
007 Miguel Hernández’ Speech to his Companions in the Ocaña Jail
Original author: Miguel Hernández
Translator: Constance Marina
Genre: Otros / Other
006 "The Guerrilla Fighter"; "May As Well Call It Quits"
Original author: Albalucía Ángel Marulanda
Translator: Daniel Steele Rodríguez
Genre: Narrativa / Narrative
005 "The Case of the Unfaithful Translator"
Original author: José María Merino
Translator: Erin Goodman
Genre: Narrativa / Narrative
004 "The Guide through Death"; "The Fat Lady"
Original author: Guadalupe Dueñas
Translator: Josie Hough
Genre: Narrativa / Narrative
003 "In the Parks, at Dusk"; "I Only Think of You"
Original author: Marina Mayoral
Translator: María Socorro Suárez Lafuente
Genre: Narrativa / Narrative
002 "Like a Night with Legs Wide Open"
Original author: José Alcántara Almánzar
Translator: Luis Guzmán Valerio
Genre: Narrativa / Narrative
001 A Letter of Federico García Lorca to his Parents, 1935
Original author: Federico García Lorca
Translator: Christopher Maurer
Genre: Carta / Letter

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