The Observatorio of the Instituto Cervantes at Harvard has developed several research projects, carried out or coordinated by itself, with the goal of facilitating research on the Spanish language, Spanish linguistics, and Spanish-English translation, in the context of the United States. A brief description of each project, along with the corresponding link, is provided below:

  • CORPEEU - Corpus of Spanish in the United States
  • The object of CORPEEU is to build a corpus of the spoken and written Spanish language as it has been documented in the United States since 1960, with the aim of providing a valuable tool for studies to be carried out in different fields of research on the basis of linguistic data. The materials of this linguistic corpus are classified according to the speakers’ geographical and social origins; the styles, genres, and contexts of the Spanish-speaking community in the United States; and the date of the samples.

  • LiBSUS - A Linguistic Bibliography of Spanish in the United States
  • LiBSUS is a database with bibliographic information about books, academic articles, book chapters and doctoral dissertations related to the study of the Spanish language in the United States.

  • TREHLUS-21 - Translations in English of Hispanic Literature in the 21st Century US
  • An online database which aims to provide the most comprehensive biographical information possible on English versions of Hispanic literature—in any genre, and from any Spanish-speaking country or era—published or distributed in the U.S. since the beginning of the 21st century. Its objective is to serve as a tool for researchers, publishers, and translators, offering specific data on translated works, as well as a general overview of the presence of Hispanic literature in English in the US context.

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