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  • Objective of the Observatory

    The Observatory of the Spanish language and Hispanic cultures in the United States is a non-profit organization founded by an agreement between the Instituto Cervantes of Spain and the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Harvard University. The objective of this research center is to become an international reference point for the analysis of the state of the Spanish language and Hispanic cultures in the United States, with special attention to the social and linguistic evolution of the language, its use and learning by different types of speakers (including but not limited to minorities), its coexistence with other languages, and the study and dissemination of its literature, thought and artistic creation, as markers of identity for Hispanic communities that will establish Spanish as a language of culture and excellence.

  • Mission of the Observatory

    The mission of the Observatory is to carry out a program of projects and activities for the study and reflection on the presence of the Spanish language in the United States, both in its linguistic and cultural dimensions, and its relation to the international sphere as a first, second and foreign language. The program pays special attention to the contact of Spanish with other languages in a multilingual and multicultural context, to how it is perceived both by its speakers (especially as a factor of identity) and by those from other linguistic origins, as well as to the literary, artistic and intellectual production in Spanish and its dissemination either in this language or in English translation. The Observatory commissions, sponsors and publishes studies on these subjects and holds activities which promote the presence of Spanish and Hispanic cultures within Harvard University, becoming a forum for analysis and debate among experts from this institution and other universities in the United States, Hispanic American countries and Spain, advocating the coexistence of languages and cultures as well as bilingualism.


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