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  • Objective of the Observatory

    The objective of the Observatory is to create a center that will serve as a point of international reference for the study, prospective analysis, and diagnosis of the state of the Spanish language in the United States, with special attention to its social, cultural, and linguistic evolution, its use by any speakers of the Spanish language, including but not limited to minorities, and its coexistence with other languages.

  • Mission of the Observatory

    The mission of the Observatory is to create and execute a program of projects and activities for the analysis, reflection, and discussion of the presence of the Spanish language in the United States, and its relation to the international sphere as a first, second and foreign language. The program pays special attention to the contact of Spanish with other languages, to its presence as a majority or minority language in different environments and to how this language is perceived by its speakers, especially as a factor of identity, as well as the perception of speakers from other linguistic origins. The Observatory conducts analyses, studies, and reports concerning the social and linguistic state of the Spanish language and its communities, and it is a forum for research, exchange and debate among experts from Harvard University, from other universities in the United States, Spanish-speaking countries and Spain, accepting as a basic principle the promotion of language coexistence and bilingualism. The Observatory's activities promote, and celebrate the identity of Hispanic and Latino culture within Harvard University.

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Orlando Alba
Manel Lacorte
Silvia Betti
Gabriel Rei-Doval
Erin Boon
Carmen Silva-Corvalán
David Fernández-Vítores
Andrés Enrique-Arias
Ingrid Pufahl
Nancy Rhodes
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