Translators' Corner

Serving its role in disseminating literature and thought from Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries within the USA, the Observatorio welcomes versions in English produced by experienced or emerging translators, of short works originally written in Spanish, from various genres, periods and geographical origins, to be published on-line in this Translators’ corner. The translations are accompanied by a brief introduction providing context on the original text and author. The Publishing Guidelines can be consulted here.

030 Poems from Hasta que no haya luna

Original author: Alan Smith Soto
Translator: Katherine Hannula Hill
Genre: Poesía / Poetry

029 Poems from Under Leonardo’s Wing

Original author: Clara Janés
Translator: Ana M. Osan
Genre: Poesía / Poetry

028 Carabanchel Blues

Original author: Lorenzo Silva
Translator: Kevin Gerry Dunn
Genre: Narrativa / Narrative

027 Rincón de Traductores / Translators' Corner - Volume 3: Compilation 2021-2022

Original author: Various authors
Translator: Various translators

026 Short stories from Ábrete sésamo

Original author: Clara Eugenia Ronderos
Translator: Mary G. Berg
Genre: Narrativa / Narrative

025 Pilgrimage to Santiago (1610)

Translator: George D. Greenia
Genre: Otros / Other

024 Eight Poems

Original author: Luis Alberto de Cuenca
Translator: Gustavo Pérez Firmat
Genre: Poesía / Poetry

023 One Hundred Cornfields of Solitude

Original author: Melanie Márquez Adams
Translator: Emily Hunsberger
Genre: Ensayo / Essay

022 The KIO Towers

Original author: José Luis Castillo Puche
Translator: Douglas Edward LaPrade
Genre: Poesía / Poetry

021 Five Galician Songs

Original author: Emilio Cao
Translator: Robert Lima
Genre: Poesía / Poetry

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