New Perspectives on Hispanic Cultures: Languages and Cultures in Contact

Observatorio Instituto Cervantes Symposium 2020

24-25 September, 2020 (3-5:30 PM, ET)

The Cervantes Institute at Harvard University once more invites researchers interested in the Spanish language and Hispanic cultures to present their work to the academic community. This invitation is extended both to those who are beginning their professional career (recent Ph.D’s, graduate and doctorate students, or undergraduate students in their last year pursuing studies in any subject related to Spanish or Hispanic cultures) and to experts in the area (language teachers or researchers and professors in these fields). 

This edition, which will be shorter than previous editions since it will take place online, will have a general subject on which the papers will focus: “Languages and cultures in contact,” always in the context of the Spanish language or Hispanic cultures. We therefore welcome proposals touching on topics such as: bi/multilingualism, bi/multiculturalism, code-switching, translanguaging, heritage language/speakers, Spanglish, linguistic and/or cultural minorities, literary or cultural influences, artistic exchanges, appropriation, perception of Spanish/Hispanic-ness by speakers of other languages, etc. These topics may be approached from a wide range of disciplines, including: 

  • Language and Linguistics
  • Cultural Studies
  • Sociology
  • Literature
  • History
  • Anthropology
  • Education and Teaching
  • Art
  • Politics
  • Translation
  • Psychology

The session on September the 24th will be devoted to "Languages in contact" and will include a plenary lecture by María Luisa Parra-Velasco, Senior Preceptor in Romance Languages and Literatures at Harvard University. On the 25th, the Symposium will approach the subject of "Cultures in contact" and the plenary lecture will be presented by Thomas B. F. Cummins, Dumbarton Oaks Professor of Pre-Columbian and Colonial Art at Harvard University.

Each session will include four 15-minute papers, which will be presented after the corresponding plenary lecture and will be followed by a final discussion on the subject in question. The presentations must be unpublished papers and may be given in either English or Spanish. 

Those interested should send their proposals in a Word document, including name and institution, title of paper, as well as an abstract of no more than 200 words, to: Deadline for submission of proposals: Sunday, June 28. Notification of acceptance by Friday, July 10. 


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