Actividades / Activities

The Observatory organizes a varied program of activities (lectures, round tables, seminars, workshops, symposiums, debates, etc.) designed to encourage intellectual reflection and exchange between experts and creators coming from various origins and institutions, about/dealing with topics related to its five areas of study: language, linguistic-cultural contact/minorities, teaching, culture and thought, and translation. The activities are mostly held at the Observatory itself or in other venues at Harvard University, and occasionally elsewhere or online. Most of the events held at the Observatorio have been recorded and are available on our YouTube channel. A list of all filmed events can be accessed here.

Jun 03 - Jun 04

Symposium 2021


Apr 29

La ciudad de los libros


Mar 11

Con las manos en la masa


Feb 25

El hombre de la Mancha


Jan 28

Carmen Laforet y los EEUU


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