Title of translation: 
Three Poems
Original author: 
José Luis García Martín
Country of origin: 
Claudia Quevedo-Webb
Date of source text publication: 
Date of translation publication: 

"The first two poems that are offered here in English translation, “Mi patria” [My homeland] and “Amigos” [Friends], are part of García Martín's book Presente continuo [Present Continuous], published in 2015. The third one, “Despedida” [Farewell], is part of the early poetry book Treinta monedas [Thirty Coins] (1989). These collections bring the reader to different parts of the world by using a variety of poetic styles and poetic voices in the never-ending journey of the written word. The poems at hand, although from different creative periods, reflect a recurrent topic in García Martín’s poetry: the presentation of abstract concepts in a poetic, yet quotidian, manner." --Claudia Quevedo-Webb, the translator.

Poesía / Poetry

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