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Edición Instituto Cervantes at FAS - Harvard University

The Hybrid Made Flesh. The Legacy of a Hispanic-American Thinker: Jorge/George Santayana

Estudios del Observatorio/Observatorio Studies. 057-01/2020EN. (Trans.)

Abstract: This study aims to introduce Santayana to present-day North American Hispanists, from whose perspective it analyzes the hybrid or two-pronged nature of his work and life. Santayana offers a paradigmatic mode of being Hispanic and being American, which could be of significant interest: his life and work do not contain nostalgia and alienation but, rather, liberation and release. This study also examines the bilingualism that can be found in all of the translations of his work into Spanish (in both Latin America and Spain), and in his secondary bibliography (works cited as well as the list of publications included as an appendix.)

Keywords: hybridism, bilingualism, translation, biography, philosophy, Santayana

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