December 1st, 2022 (4:30-7pm Boston / 22:30 Madrid)

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In this session, organized in collaboration with Boston University, two experts in dubbing and subtitling will show how the history of AVT runs parallel to the evolution of the cinema, the visual arts, and society. Frederic Chaume will open the session with a historical overview of AVT in Spain and America, addressing how the need to translate films arose; the techniques that have prevailed; how silent films were translated; and the impact of sound cinema, the rise of television, home videos, and DVDs on translation; he will conclude with an overview of the radical changes brought about by digitalization in the era of streaming. Jorge Díaz-Cintas will then discuss sensitive language in audiovisual translation, showing how the growing representation on our screens of ever more inclusive and diverse societies is accompanied by new–and not so new– ways of speaking, whose translation calls for a special sensitivity toward inclusive, non-binary, or racial language. His talk will be illustrated with some of the solutions achieved in the field of dubbing and subtitling. 

Frederic Chaume is Full Professor of Audiovisual Translation at Universitat Jaume I and Honorary Professor at University College London, Universidad Ricardo Palma, and Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas. He leads the TRAMA Research Group and serves as a consultant for Netflix. For his constant and enthusiastic university training in the field, he has received various recognitions: the Berlanga Award (2010), the Xènia Martínez Award (ATRAE, 2016), and the Jan Ivarsson’s Award (ESIST, 2020). Jorge Díaz-Cintas is Full Professor of Translation at University College London. He is the author of numerous articles and books on audiovisual translation and has done consulting for the European Parliament, European Commission, OOONA, Deluxe, and Netflix, among others. His work has been recognized with the Jan Ivarsson Award (ESIST, 2014) and the Xènia Martínez Award (ATRAE, 2015) for his invaluable contribution to the field of AVT.

Language: Spanish

*The event will end around 7pm (Boston) and will be followed by coffee and drinks for in-person attendees.

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