Title of translation: 
Christmas Eve in the Hills of Jaruco
Original title: 
Nochebuena en las lomas de Jaruco
Original author: 
Robert F. Lima Rovira and Robert Lima
Country of origin: 
Cuba / USA
Robert Lima
Date of source text publication: 
Date of translation publication: 

“Nochebuena en las lomas de Jaruco” is the true story of Colonel Alfredo Lima Tardiff and one of his major exploits during Cuba’s War of Independence, better known in the United States as the Spanish-American War (1895-1898). This account was narrated verbally by the Colonel to his son, Robert F. Lima Rovira, who then told it to his own son, Robert Lima Millares, who gave it written form and presents it here translated into English as “Christmas Eve in the Hills of Jaruco” --Robert Lima, the translator.

Narrativa / Narrative
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