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This volume initiates a series of special issues of the Rincón de Traductores/Translators’ Corner which we intend to bring out annually, with a selection of the translations published online throughout the previous academic year. The translations compiled in this first, 2019-2020, volume are a good reflection of the variety of texts, authors, countries, genres and styles, that we would like this section to be characterized by, as it includes English versions of texts from Colombia, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Spain, by eight different authors –José Alcántara Almánzar, Albalucía Ángel Marulanda, Guadalupe Dueñas, Federico García Lorca, Miguel Hernández, Marina Mayoral, José María Merino and Soledad Puértolas, who represent diverse periods, literary styles and genres.

Translations by: Francisca González Arias, Erin Goodman, Luis Guzmán Valerio, Josie Hough, Constance Marina, Christopher Maurer, Daniel Steele Rodríguez, María Socorro Suárez Lafuente

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