Title of translation: 
"In the Parks, at Dusk"; "I Only Think of You"
Original title: 
"En los parques, al anochecer"; "Solo pienso en ti"
Original author: 
Marina Mayoral
Country of origin: 
María Socorro Suárez Lafuente
Date of source text publication: 
Date of translation publication: 

These two short stories, by Marina Mayoral, are part of a collection compiled in the book Recuerda, cuerpo [Remember, body] (Editorial Alfaguara, Madrid, 1998). The title is taken from a poem by Konstantino Kavafis in which the Greek poet talks about love, feeling and desire as embodied in the physical memory of the body that has experienced love. All those affects are elegantly re-enacted by Mayoral in her stories with a touch of nostalgia and humour, while inadvertently inscribing the situation of Spanish women in the 1950s with a few masterstrokes. --María Socorro Suárez Lafuente, the translator

Narrativa / Narrative
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