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Estudios del Observatorio/Observatorio Studies. 060-04/2020SP. (Orig.)

In May 2019, the Observatory of the Spanish Language and Hispanic Cultures in the USA held its annual symposium for the fourth consecutive year, thus continuing the academic meetings which started in 2016 under the name “Reshaping Hispanic Cultures,” with the aim of providing a forum for debate and reflection on Hispanism, mainly addressed to lecturers and researchers who are starting their professional careers, but also to experts wishing to share their work on new or established lines of research.

This issue of Estudios del Observatorio / Observatorio Studies, n. 60, together with n. 61, comprises a selection of those papers delivered by lecturers and researchers from various academic institutions in the US, Spain and Latin America. The studies included in it address a variety of subjects, related to history, sociology, linguistics and foreign language teaching. The published issues containing the papers presented at the Observatorio's symposiums are exceptional within the series Estudios del Observatorio/ Observatorio Studies in that, rather than having one version of the volume fully in Spanish and one fully in English, each paper is included in the language in which it was originally delivered at the symposium. This particular volume features three papers in Spanish and two in English, all of them with an abstract in both languages.

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