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Edición Rosana Hernández y Francisco Moreno-Fernández (eds.)

Reshaping Hispanic Cultures 2018. Instituto Cervantes Symposium on Recent Scholarship. Vol. II. Linguistics, Communication and Sociology in the Hispanic World pdf (3.81 MB) 

Informes del Observatorio / Observatorio Reports. 051-05/2019SP (Orig.)

Abstract: This volume pages contains a few of the works presented at the symposium held in 2018, at Harvard University at the Observatory of the Spanish Language and Hispanic Cultures in the United States. The studies presented here are varied in their subject matters and methodologies, and their authors originate from different universities. We offer these pages, then, as a wide-ranging and diverse sample of Hispanic studies currently being conducted in the United States –and in other parts of the world– and as a sample of topics that are of growing interest to new researchers.

This study is only available in Spanish at the link above.

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