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Pragmatic and Discursive Aspects of the U.S. Spanish pdf (975.33 KB) 

Informes del Observatorio / Observatorio Reports. 015-11/2015EN.  (Orig.)

Abstract: This report focuses on some aspects of U.S. Spanish, namely its pragmatic dimensions, including the alternation between Spanish and English in bilingual speech. The main points addressed in this presentation deal with the changes that occur, either due to the influence of English or because of the dialect leveling that occurs between different varieties of Spanish in contact with each other, in the areas of forms of address, direct or indirect realization of speech acts, and politeness. On the other hand, at the discursive level, emphasis is placed on the linguistic manifestations and socio-political implications of the language switching both in the intra-group communicative oral interaction and in the literature written by prestigious U.S. authors.


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