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Edición Instituto Cervantes at FAS - Harvard University

Estudios del Observatorio/Observatorio Studies. 072-09/2021

In early June 2021, the Observatory of the Spanish language and Hispanic cultures in the United States concluded an academic year full of activities —all of them held remotely due to the situation provoked by the COVID-19 pandemic— with its annual Symposium, which reached its sixth edition, this one being the second one celebrated virtually and with the title "New Perspectives on Hispanic Cultures." The 2021 Symposium was devoted to commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Instituto Cervantes from the Observatorio’s perspective, so the general theme chosen for it was Hispanism and Spanish in the U.S. over the Last 30 Years, with the aim of hosting presentations which reflected the study and the situation of Spanish, the Hispanic world, and hispanism in North America throughout the last three decades. This issue of Estudios del Observatorio / Observatorio Studies, n. 72, comprises six of the twelve papers presented at the Symposium, whose authors come from various North American, Latin American, and Spanish institutions.

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