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Hacia un corpus del español en los Estados Unidos. Debate para la génesis del proyecto CORPEEU pdf (1.34 MB)

Informes del Observatorio / Observatorio Reports. 049-03/2019SP.  (Orig.)

Abstract: The “Corpus del Espanol en los Estados Unidos” (Corpus of Spanish in the United States, CORPEEU) is a project initiated by the Instituto Cervantes’ Observatory of the Spanish Language and Hispanic Cultures in the Unisted Statesat Harvard University, in collaboration with the Academia Norteamericana de la Lengua Espanola (North American Academy of the Spanish Language, ANLE). The work for the creation of the CORPEEU began in the fall of 2017 at Harvard University, but prior to that, a thorough consideration of the conceptual and methodological challenges was necessary in order to embark on such a complex project. With the aim of reflecting on the methodology of constructing a corpus of Spanish in the United States, the Instituto Cervantes’ Observatory at Harvard held a closed debate between nine specialists of Spanish in the United States. These specialists are experts in diverse areas, offering linguistic, sociologic, literary, journalistic, educational, academic, historic, and political perspectives. The debate took place at the Observatory’s headquarters on September 22, 2017.

This study is only available in Spanish at the link above.

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