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Edición Instituto Cervantes at FAS - Harvard University

Catalan Studies in the United States pdf 

Informes del Observatorio / Observatorio Reports. 045-11/2018EN (Trans.)

AbstractThe purpose of this report is to map Catalan Studies programs in the United States and examine the field’s current status within U.S. academia. Accompanied by a brief historical introduction, this overview is based on a triangulation of information from several different sources: (a) the annual reports of the Institut Ramon Llull (2010– 17), which is the main institution that promotes Catalan Studies and culture abroad; (b) a questionnaire intended for U.S. universities that have a connection with Catalan Studies, through research and/or teaching; (c) information from the NACS (North American Catalan Society); and (d) a bibliography of secondary sources related to the field.

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