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Edición Instituto Cervantes at FAS - Harvard University

Estudios del Observatorio/Observatorio Studies. 062-06/2020EN. (Trans.)

Abstract: Ever since the US Census Bureau first collected the number of immigrants of Latino or Hispanic origin residing in the country in 1970, that number has continued to grow. This demographic transformation has brought multiple changes to American society, forcing it to rethink various social aspects, such as social class, immigration or race. Thus, the conflict between the racial systems prevailing in the United States and in Latin America has plunged Latinos of color into deep silence for years. Therefore, this study aims to build, first of all, a framework for discussing the current status of Afro-Latinos in the U.S. Second, it analyzes the construction of a trifold conception of identity that emerges from the fact of residing in the U.S. by examining the work of several African-American writers living in this country. It then attempts to establish some points of contact between Afro-Latinos and the U.S. African-American community. Finally, it suggests new lines of research on the individual and collective impact of Afro-Latinos in the  United States of America.

Keywords: Afro-Latinos, Afro-Americans, race, triple identity, United States of America

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