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Max Aub wrote in 1939 a long monologue entitled "De algún tiempo a esta parte". A young actress, Esther Lazaro, has adapted and represented it with great talent and fortune. The Observatory presents a dramatized reading followed by discussion.

"It is a desolate and forceful work in which a woman persecuted by the Nazis talks to her murdered husband and narrates his frightening adventures since Germany invaded Austria in 1938. The woman, who cleans her expropriated house, wonders from time to time if her son, who died in Barcelona in 1938, was 'one of those'. We don't really know anything about her son's position, which could well be a José Robles, an Andreu Nin or a Nazi agent. In any case, we know that he has been murdered. Max Aub refers us to the denunciation of intolerance and the ideologies that lead to the exclusion of the other and, therefore, the violence in his code." Jorge Martínez Reverte. 

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