This workshop, which starts a series of workshops coordinated by Dr. Juan Godoy (Harvard University) and titled “Mapping Minorities in the Spanish as Second Language Classroom”, aims to address the relationship between identity and language, and more specifically the role of race in the Spanish as a Foreign Language classroom. In the first part of the workshop the participants discuss the role of racialized identities and raciolinguistic ideology in second language acquisition; the second part is dedicated to the practical application of the previously addressed concepts and topics. Dr. Uju Anya, Assistant Professor of Education at Penn State College of Education, analyzes racial identity in second language acquisition, and will discuss how to use translanguaging in the classroom; Dr. Melissa Baralt, Associate Professor of Applied Psycholinguistics at Florida International University, addresses how to improve retention of Spanish-language teachers, and how to teach raciolinguistic ideology with tasks that promote diversity; finally, Dr. Déborah Gómez, Assistant Professor of Spanish at Florida Memorial University, discusses the intersectionality between race and gender, focusing on task-based foreign language teaching.


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