The Observatorio starts a new year with its traditional Open House, this time devoted to reflecting on the future of Spanish in the world, while signaling the beginning of National Hispanic Heritage Month. Richard Bueno, former academic director of the Instituto Cervantes and newly appointed director of the center in New York, with long experience in foreign language teaching, teacher training, foreign language certification and digital education, will share his knowledge and expertise with us:

Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world as a mother tongue and also the second language of international communication. However, the Spanish language has to face new challenges in the current dynamic context, as the Internet and social networks have revolutionized communication, something that goes beyond the borders of the realm of linguistics, sitting comfortably in the economic and geopolitical spheres. So it will be essential to adapt to the pace set by the new trends and to develop new positioning models in order to continue to hold the position it enjoys today.

After the lecture, we will enjoy a new musical performance produced by Javier Limón–producer, singer and songwriter– and interpreted by members of Berklee College of Music. Tapas and drinks will be served at the end.


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