Thursday October 15th (13:00 – 14:30 Boston/19:00-20:30 Lyon): 

Hosted by the Harvard and Lyon Institutos Cervantes, this event features two Hispanic language and culture experts from both sides of the Atlantic who will offer a realistic overview of the Spanish language's current status internationally, removed from the bravado and victimhood that sometimes permeate this conversation. This session will touch upon sociolinguistics, the socio-cultural relevance of Spanish in both contexts, its presence in the media, and the relation between perception and teaching.  

Johannes Kabatek is a full professor of Romance and Iberian Linguistics at the University of Zurich and has published a large number of studies on the official languages of Spain, encompassing various fields including historical syntax, linguistic variation, corpus linguistics, etc. He is the current director of Revista Internacional de Lingüística Iberoamericana.  Ricardo Otheguy, full professor of Linguistics at the City University of New York, has centered his research around applied and theoretical linguistics, functional grammar, Spanish in the United States, and bilingual education. He has been founder and Director of the CUNY Research Institute for the Study of Langugage in Urban Society, co-founder of the journal Spanish in Context, and co-author of one of the most widely used Spanish textbooks in the United States, Avancemos. 

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