May 4th, 2023 (4:30pm – 6pm) | In Person & Via Zoom

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This session will address contact and transference between Transatlantic and European Hispanism from 1940 to 1970, with special attention on the role that American Hispanism had in the development of Hispanic Philology. The session will focus on transatlantic epistolaries from the era, which demonstrate how American universities served as a refuge for exiled intellectuals from Franco’s Spain, consolidating the intellectual networks that would be established between Spain and the United States. This contact would also reenforce educational cooperation in higher education between the U.S. and Hispanic America, also encouraged by the call of other exiles in Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Argentina. In addition to examining the impact of this transnational intellectual network, the session will attempt to reconstruct an overview of the stories and emotions of these migrant intellectuals. U.S. Hispanist Hayward Keniston (1883-1970) will also feature prominently in the session as he was a silent supporter of the Spanish Republic and its various exiles and his letters, currently unpublished, have been transcribed by Pons Rodríguez.

Lola Pons Rodríguez is a language historian and full professor at the Universidad de Sevilla. She has taught courses on Dialectology and Phonetic History at the Universities of Tubinga and Oxford; Pons Rodríguez has conducted various research projects on the history of language, the publication of epistolaries, and the linguistic landscape of Andalucía, as well as directed a number of doctoral dissertations. Her research interests include the history of the Spanish language, dialectical variation, and the linguistic landscape. She is a corresponding member of the Academia Panameña de la Lengua and honorary member of the Unión de Correctores del Español. She earned a Premio Nacional de Periodismo Miguel Delibes and the Premio de Periodismo Manuel Azaña for her contributions on language in the media.  

Language: Spanish

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