Instituto Cervantes at Harvard University

Even though data regarding the rapid growth of Spanish in the USA need to be considerably relativized, the fact is that the fear of Spanish not only continuing its progress, but perhaps one day completely displacing English, has become widespread among certain English-speaking sectors. A fear that, while poorly founded, has given way to populist speech that picks up on old “English Only” campaigns that criminalize Hispanic communities. For more than 25 years, the Instituto Cervantes engages all around the world in a cultural policy based, on one hand, on the critical reflection on issues that concern all citizens, and on the other, on the “Ibero-Americanization” of all of its activities and the collaboration with all Hispanic communities. The future of Spanish will largely depend on the idea of unity of Spanish speakers regardless of their countries of origin.

Ignacio Olmos Serrano (Madrid, 1964) is a philosopher and economist. He completed his studies at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and the UNED, furthering his Doctorate studies at the University of Frankfurt, Germany. He worked as a researcher at the publishing house Espasa-Calpe and at Fundación Cultural BBVA. He has been the administrator of the center of Instituto Cervantes in Munich and later the director of the centers of Instituto Cervantes in Bremen, Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt and Chicago. He is currently the director of the center in New York.

Idioma: Español


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