In this lecture, Cristina Pato shares her artistic journey, forging a multifaceted career as an internationally acclaimed Galician bagpiper master, classical pianist, producer and educator. Without a precedent to follow and in a world where “nobody needs a bagpiper,” Dr. Pato charted her own path to become an independent artist and became passionate about exploring the role of the arts in other contexts, especially education. In this session at the Observatorio, which commemorates International Women’s Day, Dr. Pato will share how she has made herself relevant to other disciplines and, in doing so, built a sustainable career. She will also underscore how her multiple identities are a platform to probe social questions raised by the intersection of classical and folkloric music.

Cristina Pato has performed on major stages throughout the world and has released and produced six solo bagpipe albums and two solo piano recordings. She serves as Learning Advisor for the Silkroad project, founded by cellist Yo-Yo Ma, and develops interdisciplinary learning projects in universities such as Harvard University and University of California. Holding a Doctorate in Musical Arts from Rutgers University, Cristina Pato currently occupies the Chair of Spanish Culture and Civilization for the King Juan Carlos I Center at New York University.

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